The main change was re-licensing the project to be dual-licensed. Now you choose between BSL-1.0 or MIT. Previously it was licensed under BSL-1.0 (not a popular choice within the Lua community).

Emilua core is already heavily feature packed. For many areas (threading, async IO, concurrent IO, sandboxing, …​) it’s years ahead of any other Lua solution. Still…​ it has been failing spectacularly to attract users. This can only mean Emilua doesn’t need new features. Features is not what will attract users. So I made a decision: as of now, Emilua is in maintenance mode. The project will receive bugfixes and changes to support newer releases of the dependencies it uses (e.g. breaking changes in libboost), but development of the core package will pretty much crawl to a slow sluggish pace.

You can find the full changelog at

As usual, it’ll take a few days to release the pre-built Windows binaries for those not willing to compile the project from scratch. Packages for Linux distros and FreeBSD take longer as the changes need to be reviewed and accepted.